Affordable Plans for Individuals, Families, & Small Businesses

Affordable Plans for Individuals, Families, & Small Businesses

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GateWay Dental Plans LLC

 Are you married, and neither one of you have a dental benefit at work or through a pension package? Are you a single parent, and are finding it hard to get your child dental coverage. GDP is here to help! Find out more.

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Have a job with no dental benefit? Are you recently retired, and dental is not included in your pension package? NO WORRIES! GDP understands! See how the Premier plan can work for you!

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Finding it hard to stay on top of the rising cost of providing a dental benefit to your employees? Do you feel like you are loosing quality personnel because there is no dental benefit in your employment compensation package? GDP’s Premier plan is the solution to your dental benefit HR problem!

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Why Gateway Dental Plans, LLC?

Gateway Dental Plans, LLC was established to help individuals and families obtain affordable dental coverage. Many individuals and families find it hard to afford the rising cost of dental care when their employers do not offer dental coverage as a benefit. Many retirees find that their dental care needs do not end when they leave their jobs. More and more pension plans are dropping dental coverage from the benefit package. Gateway Dental Plans, LLC offers dental coverage at a reasonable price that families of all ages and sizes can afford.

Gateway Dental Plans, LLC has hand selected the dental care providers in our network of dentists and dental specialists. Gateway Dental Plans, LLC’s dentists and dental specialists have been practicing for many years, and have respected reputations in the dental community. For a current list of providers, visit our List of Providers icon above.

The great discounts range from 15% to 50%

Start saving on dental care TODAY!