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Gateway Testimonials

Due to the low priced, yearly fee with no limitations; Gateway Dental Plan is an excellent discount program to offer affordable dental care to your patients.
Rose H.


Gateway is straight forward and easy to understand.  Patient’s see the savings and get treatment completed right away.
James W.


Gateway has made quite a difference with treatment plan acceptance…especially with the bigger cases!!!  My patients receive quality dentistry with predictable cost containment.
Jeff S.


Gateway is the best practice builder that I have come across in my 22 year dental career! Gross collections UP….Net income UP…Marketing cost DOWN…
Gerard N.


I have managed a dental practice for over 15 years.  Our self employed and retirees always ask me if we offer any discounts.  Before Gateway Dental Plans I was frustrated that our practice did not have an answer.  Gateway has been a blessing to our patients and a tremendous practice builder.
Mollie C.


Love the idea of Gateway as a definite practice builder.  The Gateway model works, hand in hand, with my corporate dentistry philosophy.
Tom K.

Corporate Dental Industry Leader

I am 72 years old and suffer from ongoing periodontal disease.  I have not had dental insurance for years since I retired and my dental health has deteriorated immensely.  I saw a commercial about Gateway Dental and decided to give it a try.  It has been a true blessing.  I am now able to afford to have the deep cleanings that are needed to keep my mouth in good condition.  Thanks Gateway!!!
John O. (St. Louis)

While getting my teeth cleaned, my hygienist, Sara, mentioned Gateway to me for my daughter and her family.  My son in law had lost his job and they no longer had dental coverage.  My daughter had canceled all their dental appointments and felt badly that they could not afford to go anymore.  Later that day I called my daughter and gave her the Gateway phone number.  Just one week later, I heard my grandson had visited the dentist and had his teeth cleaned for the first time.  I am such a proud Grandma! I was very happy to know there is such a wonderful dental plan such as Gateway to help my family in need.
Vicky G. (St. Charles)

I have repeatedly asked my dentist for years if there was any type of affordable dental plan that I could join to help reduce the cost of my dental appointments.  I was always told NO!   I heard on the radio about a discount dental plan that reduces the price of my cleaning and checkups by 50%.  I signed up right away!  One year later, I am pleased to say that I love going to my Gateway dentist.  He is very patient with me and explains all procedures in plain English!  I was even able to have the crown done that I had never been able to afford before!
George T. (St. Louis)

I have had a low pay dental insurance plan for years. Two years ago, I was one month away from being married.  After getting my teeth cleaned, I asked my dentist how much I would owe to have veneers done.  I was mad when he told me my insurance company would only pay 1/8 of the entire bill!  I could not afford that much out of pocket!  He told me about Gateway Dental Plans and figured out how much the veneers would cost if I joined that program instead.  Lets just say, I saved a bundle!  I dropped my lame insurance  plan and immediately signed up with Gateway that day.  I walked down the aisle with gorgeous new veneers and my husband said my smile was contagious that day!!! Thank you so much Gateway.
Lori T. (Wentzville)